OS Nature

A first principles exploration of the origins of healing and how humans have intuitively learned to work with natural law to develop systems of healing across the three major cultural epochs.

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Developing the sovereignty of mind essential for living the best life.

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Ecology is the study of energy flows through living systems. What would an ecological approach to the chiropractic subluxation concept look like? The Thermodynamic Subluxation describes how alterations in spinal function can alter our energetic orientation to the demands of life and lose our ability to fully thrive as a result.

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What is OS Nature?


OS Nature is the background programming that decides how the natural world operates. You and I, lions, water, trees, etc., are the hardware components interacting by the rules set up by the software of life, the programming of the laws of Ecology. Our experience of life is the user interface, where the hardware and software interact with our conscious minds and generate experiences.

The quality of those experiences depends upon how well we are following the program. As of late it seems like humanity is doing its best to hack OS Nature and try and force our will upon it. It's been a disaster for nature, and human health isn't exactly stellar at the moment either. The quality of our experience at the user interface is suffering.

This page is about exploring Operating System Nature; learning its rules, finding new ways to interact with it as a key hardware component. Permaculture, while it originated before I was even born, could be thought of as a focus on the relationship between OS Nature and agriculture. I consider it my work to focus on the relationship between OS Nature and mankind.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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